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Welcome to Kitcho Massage Therapy & Acupuncture Center located in Orleans, Ottawa, Ontario.


We are known to discover the cause of your pain or discomfort & will be able to get rid of it

within few sessions. Our clients from all over Ottawa & other travelers who come and see us from

Toronto, Montreal, Cornwall - etc. We became the final destination of healing. Kitcho is the only center

which offer cash-back after your treatment & in some weeks we offer double cash-back.

See us for details.


Treatments Overview

3 types of acupuncture available

• Traditional acupuncture

• Neurofunctional acupuncture

• Advanced balance acupuncture

We are the only one in Ottawa who offers this kind of acupuncture with instant results

Things we did hear from our clients "that's incredible" "that's insane" "it's amazing"

We can help in treatments for shoulder, neck, lower back, any type of foot pain,

headaches, migraines, frozen shoulders, IBS, reduce crohns disease symptoms & knee pain.


Recommended for:

Abdominal pain, Acid Reflux, Allergy, Ankle sprain, Plantar fasciitis, Arm pain, Arthritis,

Back and shoulder pain, Bell`s Palsy, Buttock pain, Elbow pain, Eye pain, Fibromyalgia,

Finger and Hand pain, Hand or foot pain, All Headaches and Migrains, Hip pain, Kidney stones,

Knee pain, Leg pain, Neck pain, Low back pain, One sided body pain, Peripheral Neuropathy, Phantom pain,

Prostate enlargement, Sciatic pain, SCM pain, Frozen shoulder, Sore throat, Trigeninal Neuralgia,

     Wrist pain, Edema, TMJ syndrom, Thumb pain, Hand numbness, foot pain and

Heel Spur, Insomnia, Anxiety disorders, Liver disease, Paralysis, Shooting pain,

Scoliosis, Upper back pain, Painful Urination, Carpal Tunnel, Cervical Disk,

     Constipation, IBS, Chrons disease, Bloating, Hemorrhoids, Rib pain, shooting pain

     to Arm or Legs,Tinitis (ringing in ears), Vertigo, Muscles atrophy, Shingles, Siliac

     disease, Manopause problems, Hot flashes, Depression, stress, blood pressure,

Sinus problems, Runny nose, Respiratory problems, Skin problems, Heart

      problems (fast or slow beat), Piriformis pain, Thyroid problems, Sleep disorders

      Men problems, heat symptoms,Induce labor…..And much more


Dr Kitcho is the only person who practices this kind of acupuncture which is giving

amazing results for our clients


We can help in treating tinnitus, vertigo, stop smoking,

weed withdrawal symptoms, addiction symptoms,

weight loss, anxiety, depression, stress & other conditions

We have also available for your benefits:

• Reflexology

• Acupressure

• Spa Services

• Thai Massage

• Infrared Sauna

• Deep Massage

• Swedish Massage

• Thai Herb Treatments

• Facials (Various Kinds)

• Trigger Points Therapy

• Chinese Auricular Therapy

• Custom Made Kitcho Orthotics

• Manual Lymphatic Drainage

• Detoxification Treatments

• Massage (For Couples)

• Pregnancy Massage

• Chinese Cupping

• Chinese Massage

• Therapeutic Shower

• Electrotherapy (Tens, IFC Ultrasound)

(Advanced Assessments) (Advanced Treatments)


We specialize in car accidents.

We help in treatment plans for your insurance bill directly (WSIB, RCMP & Veterans affairs).

Kitcho has been healing clients since 1999. Kitcho hosts a gift basket gift away every month.

To enter you must purchase any gift certificate package.

Both you & the receiver of the gift certificate get a free entry.

Good-luck to everybody!


Kitcho therapists are fully qualified to assist you, feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.


5 key benefits of Kitcho Treatments

• Fast pain relief

• Balance of nervous system

• Strengthens the immune system

• Faster healing of strained muscles

• Decrease muscle tension & stiffness

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